New Status Colors PRO for Jira Cloud

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this addon give the possibility to add a color to issue status at Glance


With this Jira Server add-on, your Jira users will live in a full-color world! ... more beautiful than the usual and bored "blue", "yellow", "green" in the statuses of the issues. The colorization is done in the Issue Search View screen, in the Issue Screen and in the Jira Dashboard. With this plugin your Jira will looks like a pretty amazing software!. The list of colors that this plugin allows are the entire HTML common color name values.  Take a Look inside the entire list of color names

Very Important:

Only supports Google Chrome and Firefox and a plugin must be installed in the browser.

Install addon

Follow the classic way to install using the Find new apps, as shown below

After this, the following GIF show us how deploy the Chrome or Firefox extension:

( Go to “Apps” → “NewColors!”)


General Configuration

We can set new color for own states easily. Just put the right color code (we can discover the right color code from this page, where there is a great explanation of all colors ) inside the Description field as show on following GIF:

example: In the global “Status” standard config page of Jira, put in the status description “(black)” or “(springgreen)” or “(pink)”…



Just select Search for Issue menù and result will be visible in:

  • Issue Search View screen

  • Issue Screen Only for Server/Datacenter Version

  • Jira Dashboard


Release Notes