Standalone Project Template for Jira

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Create new projects with independent configuration from scratch.


Create new projects with independent configuration from scratch and using a copy of a Permissions Scheme Template called 'Standalone Project Template' (You must create the Permission Scheme with this name first).

Install addon:

After download the JAR, install using the link in Manage apps page, search addon as show in following the image:

General Configuration:

Addon doesn’t introduce a specific General Configuration page. However, only one configuration is needed. We can define a specific Permission Scheme for own new project. Just define one named Standalone Project Template.


To activate the new project, just start create a new project and select the new Project template added, as shown in following figure:

Create a new project is very easy, only con can follow this GIF:

If a Permission scheme is defined, this is the final result:

After the creation, we can easily customize any project configuration.


We can define own standalone project using own template.


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