Standalone Project Template for Jira

General Information







create new projects with independent configuration from scratch.


create new projects with independent configuration from scratch and using a copy of a Permissions Scheme Template called "Standalone Project Template" (You must create the Permission Scheme with this name first)

Install addon

After download the JAR, install using the link in Manage apps page, search addon as show in following GIF


General Configuration

Addon doesn’t introduce a specific General Configuration page. However, only one configuration is needed. We can define a specific Permission Scheme for own new project. just define one named Standalone Project Template.


To activate the new project just start create a new project and select the new Project template added, as shown in following figure:

Create a new project is very easy,

If Permission scheme is defined, this is the final result:

After the creation, we can easily customize any project configuration.


We can define own standalone project using own template.


Release Notes