Kanban Combined WIP for Jira (Cloud)

General Information







customize own Kanban board using own images and more


Using this App we can customize background image or GIF. Image your work with your favorite image like this:

so we can bring own passions in Jira and see every day . From Rosetta Spacecraft or

a simple journey across a nebula .


No deploy is needed. Just connect to your instance and select the App from marketplace using the Universal Installer.


Install addon

After selected from Universal installer, add App on instance as show by following GIF

After this, install the chrome extension, which helps in usage

Just follow the instructions

After this setup, we are ready for usage

General Configuration

No General Configuration is needed. Just use it

Usage & Result

Just select a board and use the App.

Let me introduce all App features

Combine columns

We can combine columns or we can group some columns. This is the scenario. We have a board with a lot of columns (one for each status, usually) as shown in following image

To group some columns, just follow the simple rule: Add a prefix to each columns you wanna group, like this sample:

  • TODO::Backlog

  • TODO::Selected for development

and this is the result

as we see now there is another header which group own columns. We can also collapse and expand the original-columns and leave only new group.


That’s all? No!! If we use this feature, min and max limit are important and if limits are reached, well, the column color changes. In fact, the following GIF show how:

red color if limit is reached, yellow if limit is not reached. But that’s not all . Let me explain better. If card are configured to use specific color, like this:

we can use color option to colorize all card

we can also do two interesting features. We can zoom the card inside the board

but we can also have a better view using the scroll option

Swimlanes limits

New feature is now available. We can set Swimlanes limits. Just select Board Settings → Swimlanes

Select: Configure Swimlanes WIP Limits

after setting limits, this is the result

In the headings, the swimlane goes to specify the set limit and, if this is violated, it is coloured red, otherwise green.


Release Notes