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automatize some typical admin actions


With this Jira add-on your Jira Administrators will be more happier! This is an extension for your Jira to automatize some typical admin actions, like search for custom field and know the customfield_id, for workflow, for DVCS repository, for IssueType, to copy/paste and duplicate settings in customfield config, to put fields in multiple screens in the same tab, to hide IssueTypes with 0 tickets in workflow & issuetype schemes migrations... very useful sure! We use it each day! No configuration is needed; only install it, that's all! Plug'n'play.




Only supports Google Chrome and a plugin must be installed in the browser.

Install addon

Just follow the following GIF for the install process. Only few clicks and addon will be installed in cloud instance.

This is the first part of deploy. Now we see how deploy and install Chrome extension

Now extension is available


General Configuration

No Configuration is needed, as shown in following GIF



This addon add a special button on top right

This button is provided in :

Issue type

We can search quickly own issue type and reference information we need.



we can search own workflow



The same operation is possible for screen too


Most important features

Another important feature of this addon is the possibility of copy/paste contexts of Custom Fields. It’s very easy. Follow me and I will explain all secrets

This GIF describe how arrive to the right Jira configuration page ( New UI experience change all )

As we see, Addon add new functionalities after click the button: JiraSupport

  • Load Projects

  • Load Types

  • Save Types Options

  • Save Project Options

Once select the new configuration, just Save Type Options and Save Project Options to save

a popup will show all context copied

Another important feature is a great help for migration of Workflow.



A great Addon


Videos & Resources

Here some video about addon. Enjoy.

How to know the ID of a customfield, resolution, status, etc for Jira By MrAddon

Copy/Paste Jira customfield configurations By Mraddon


Release Notes