Description Templates for Jira Server

General Information







Set the Template in the Description ( use the buttons "Set Desc" and "Save"). You have until 3 templates to save.


With the installation of this app, you will be able to Manage until 4 Description Templates in your Jira Cloud instance. Very useful for repetitive tasks creation.

The description templates are stored in cookies inside the Browser. Just install and ready to use it. Plug & Play.

IMPORTANT NEWS!! Now with Comment Templates too!

NOTE: The issue will be created always in full screen.


Install addon

Follow the classic way to install using the Find new apps, as shown below


General Configuration

No General Configuration is needed. Just use it


Just create a new issue and as shown in following GIF:

a specific text is added and we can use it.

Comment Template available

After description, it’s now available 4 different template for comments


This addon is available with subtasks, as described in following GIF

NOTE: Exist a problem in some Jira versions that when you open “Create a Sub-task” in a new window or tab in the browser, the WYSWYG editor /visual editor in Jira is disappears. We hope Atlassian can solve it in the new versions of Jira Server.

Release Notes